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Los Alamos Teen Center

Welcome to the Los Alamos Teen Center electronic poster website. You have to login (create an account if you haven't already) to upload electronic posters.

What it does for you:
Displays your poster on the Los Alamos Teen Center electronic poster board
Short term: Informs and creates interest for your organization, activity, or event
Long term: Establishes your brand with teens

All submissions will be reviewed for appropriateness before being approved and posted to the Los Alamos Teen Center poster website. We reserve the right to deny any submission for any reason. Only one submission per event or activity will be accepted.

What it costs:
$15 per poster per 7 days for non-profit organizations
$25 per poster per 7 days for for-profit organizations

Submission Requirements

  • Local oriented content appropriate for teen audience: Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to determine what is appropriate. Commercial content will not generally be accepted unless it is determined to have a broad appeal and interest to the teen community.
  • Simple, uncluttered, easy-to-read design (your viewer has 8-10 seconds to get your message)
  • 20 words or less
  • JPEG or PNG image files accepted, 1360 x 768 pixels
Cost: $25.00/week, $15.00 for non-profits